Vegan tuna salad – for salad or sandwich

Nutritional information is included at the bottom of this recipe.

Nothing fishy going on around here!

We’ve got a very quick and simple vegan tuna salad recipe that’s super low in fat and satisfyingly delicious. We can’t take all the credit for it though. The recipe was inspired by Mimi Loureiro’s incredibly yummy and hugely popular “Chuna Melt” at her O2 Vegan Cafe in Cambridge, MA.

vegan tuna salad sandwichThis vegan tuna salad is one of our go to meals when we are feeling super hungry but don’t want to cook. It literally takes minutes to prepare and always Continue reading

America waddles on Dunkin’

Came across this hilarious graphic on the web, too funny! Maybe because it’s true?

America waddles on DunkinOf course the same can be said of all the other fast food junk food peddlers, but at least they don’t have runners in their logos!