Nespresso milk frother review

One thing I really love about coffee from a coffeehouse is being able to get frothy milk in my fresh brew. A fancy coffee is such a treat and makes me feel “ahhh”. And most reputable coffee shops these days have healthier soy or almond milk options so it makes it even more appealing.

Nespresso milk frother

What I don’t like about getting fancy coffee drinks is the fancy price that goes along with it. That makes me feel “hmph”.  Also, the amount of milk a barista puts in can really vary, so it might not always be exactly to your liking.

Most of the time I just make my own coffee at home. It was always pretty good and drinkable, but until recently mine was never an “ahhhh” cup of coffee. Then one day I saw Continue reading

UtiliTEA kettle by Adagio

I have a handy little trick to save time when cooking something on the stove that requires hot water. When I prepare things such as soups, hot cereal, pasta or potatoes I usually speed the process along by pre-heating the water in an electric tea kettle. I like doing this because it’s faster than boiling it on the stove, it doesn’t take up a burner, and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen.

The one we have is the utiliTEA kettle by Adagio. It’s a 30 oz. variable temperature electric hot water kettle.

We’ve had our utiliTEA kettle for several years. We use it numerous times a day, and it’s still going strong. We love it! We did loads of research before buying our Continue reading