Bialetti Ceramic Cookware

In our quest to find the perfect nonstick pan, we decided to try out Bialetti ceramic cookware. Ceramic coating is a great alternative to PTFE. Bialetti ceramic cookware is also free of PFOA and cadmium.

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Bialetti has many options to choose from. We finally settled on the Aeternum sauté pan. We purchased the 10” size, but it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including a square griddle, a covered sauce pans, and a five quart Dutch oven.

The pan

It’s a very nice looking pan and seems quite solid. The outer surface of the pan, which in this is case red, continues to the smooth bottom surface of the pan. The handle is matching red silicone. The cooking surface is white “nano” ceramic. For some reasonI really like the looks of white ceramic. Maybe it just seems cleaner to me.


When I was researching the pan, I read that the newer Bialetti cookware has a silver rim, which is less likely to chip at the edges. The older models have ceramic at the edges. Also, I read that the newer models have an improved and thicker coating of ceramic. Luckily, ours is one of the newer ones.

It’s difficult to comment on the longevity of the pan since we only recently purchased it. Like most things, it gets mixed reviews from people who have tried it. The most common complaint I hear about any nonstick pan as that it becomes more sticky overtime. The only time I have found this to be the case with my own nonstick cookware is when I haven’t cared for it properly.


Caring for your pan

Any nonstick surface can easily chip if not cared for properly, and this includes ceramic.  We recommend never using metal utensils with nonstick cookware, and it’s just as important to avoid stacking pans. Some people have a hanging pan rack just for this reason.

Another factor that can cause pans to become sticky overtime is a build-up of oil. As we mention in many of our posts, we cook without any added fats, so we don’t have the problem of residue build-up. Some foods we cook might contain small amounts of oil in them, but warm soapy water and a soft sponge always cleans our cookware quickly and easily.


Occasionally we’ll use a little bit of white vinegar to help clean the pan if the dish we prepared leaves any oily residue. If you don’t remove this residue, it will build up over time and your pan will become sticky. I’ve heard that fresh lemon juice works also.

Availability of Bialetti ceramic cookware

We purchased our Bialetti ceramic cookware from a natural foods market nearby that we know and trust. They are pretty picky about what they sell, so we figured it must be a decent choice. We haven’t had it for very long but so far we’ve had no issues with it. I’m confident we’ll get our money’s worth. The Bialetti Aeternum wasn’t the cheapest pan, but it was pretty affordable as far as nonstick ceramic cookware goes.

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One thing I do know, well two things actually, is that Italians have good style, and they love to cook. So, it’s pretty impressive when Bialetti says that Aeternum nonstick cookware is the number one choice in Italy! We figured it’s worth a shot to give the sauté pan a try. When we feel that we’ve given our Bialetti cookware a fair enough shot, we’ll write a follow up post.

In the meantime, buon appetito!

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