Killer sugary drinks – literally

Well we can’t say we’re surprised, but the numbers are pretty staggering: a comprehensive new study that has been ongoing since 1980 attributes as many as 184,000 deaths annually world wide to the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. The United States alone had more than 25,000 deaths per year attributed to the drinks.

soda sugar sweetened beverages

The study was conducted by researchers from Harvard in association with several other universities. The research included 62 dietary surveys in 51 countries, with Continue reading

America waddles on Dunkin’

Came across this hilarious graphic on the web, too funny! Maybe because it’s true?

America waddles on DunkinOf course the same can be said of all the other fast food junk food peddlers, but at least they don’t have runners in their logos!

California’s dirty secret

California is running out of water. As usual profit motivated corporations create all sorts of confusing misinformation about the situation to obscure the real culprit, but if you look closely it’s crystal clear what the problem is. Almost half of the average Californian’s water footprint is due to the consumption of meat and dairy.California has led the nation in dairy production since 1993, and it can take as much as 2000 gallons of water to produce ONE gallon of milk! And it takes about 600 gallons of water to make a pound of cheese. Of course the water foot print of beef and other meat is enormous as well. The drought is a nightmare, but simply cutting meat and dairy consumption can help keep us all California dreamin’.

First ever junk food tax in North America

We’re very excited that this month the Navajo Nation will be instituting North America’s first ever junk food tax! While it’s certainly not a game changer in the world of junk food, it’s “one small step for mankind” in the direction of public policy actually encouraging health for a change.


The new tax is 2 percent on soda, chips, and other junk foods. In a related positive development, in 2014 the Navajo Nation removed a 5 percent tax on vegetables and fruits. Now that’s a real treat!