Eat Your Grains!

According to a large new long-term study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, it has been found that consuming whole grain foods is associated with up to 9% lower overall mortality and up to 15% lower cardiovascular disease (CVD) related mortality: “For each serving of whole grains (28g/day), overall mortality dropped by 5%, and by 9% for CVD-related mortality.”


Replacing refined grains and red meats with whole grains is also likely to lower mortality, according to the study. “Swapping just one serving of refined grains or red meat per day Continue reading

UtiliTEA kettle by Adagio

I have a handy little trick to save time when cooking something on the stove that requires hot water. When I prepare things such as soups, hot cereal, pasta or potatoes I usually speed the process along by pre-heating the water in an electric tea kettle. I like doing this because it’s faster than boiling it on the stove, it doesn’t take up a burner, and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen.

The one we have is the utiliTEA kettle by Adagio. It’s a 30 oz. variable temperature electric hot water kettle.

We’ve had our utiliTEA kettle for several years. We use it numerous times a day, and it’s still going strong. We love it! We did loads of research before buying our Continue reading

SodaStream review – better for you, and your piggy bank

I’m always trying to get myself to drink more water. I’m not a huge fan of flat water, and I think buying bottled water is such a waste of resources.


However, I used to buy bottles and bottles of carbonated water/seltzer. And since I try to grocery shop as Continue reading

Mom’s vegan cauliflower soup

My mom is an awesome cook, and she sometimes surprises me with amazing dishes made from ingredients I previously thought I didn’t like. I’ve never been a big fan of cauliflower, and I’m not a big soup eater.

But her vegan cauliflower soup blew me away the first time I had it. I just couldn’t stop eating it! Now it’s one of my all time faves, and I even bought an immersion blender so I can make it myself. Yum!


Besides being insanely tasty, this soup is incredibly easy to make. It’s also super healthy since with no added oil it’s extremely low in fat. So simple, so delicious. You can’t beat  Continue reading

Nutribullet review, and our daily smoothies

There are very few kitchen gadgets I use on a daily basis, but there’s one item I use every single day. It’s the NutriBullet.

Actually, more often than not I use it twice a day, and so does my partner. In fact he even bought another just to keep at his work. After having used it steadily for over two years, I figured it’s finally time for a NutriBullet review!

We use it primarily for smoothies. Ever since we learned how important it is to eat lots of leafy greens, we found the Nutribullet to be the best way to make that happen. That’s because it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s reliable. I like Continue reading

Mom’s Magical Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

UPDATE: This recipe was originally posted at Nutritional information is included at the bottom of this post. Recipe by Ellen Naor, photos by Jacob Naor.

My mom has been cooking low fat vegan for years, and she’s an amazing cook. This is one of her signature creations. She wanted to call these “Dad’s Favorite Pancakes”, which they are. But while he does help her cook, the recipe is all hers. So I convinced her to let me call them “Mom’s Magical Vegan Blueberry Pancakes”!

Vegan blueberry pancakes

So you might ask what makes my mom’s pancakes magical? Because they magically disappear! Not only are these delicious, but they’re low fat and super healthy too. You can eat a big stack of them, guilt free! Check out the complete nutritional Continue reading

Vegan tofu scramble with black beans & wilted spinach

UPDATE: This recipe was originally posted at Nutritional information is included at the bottom of this post. 

I’ve made a lot of variations of vegan tofu scrambles in my time, but this one is hands down my favorite. It’s incredibly tasty with fantastic texture, and is super healthy for you to boot. It’s also easy and quick to make. Can’t argue with that!

Vegan tofu scramble

This scramble is super low fat since it’s cooked using no oil at all, not even when frying. All of the ingredients are extremely low fat. In fact, what little fat is in the dish comes from the low fat tofu! Continue reading

Dr. McDougall on the safety of nonstick cookware

Came across an amazing article on the safety of nonstick cookware by Dr. McDougall, one of our heroes. Click here for the full article, and here’s a great excerpt:

“During my 35 years of medical practice I have never seen, or even heard of, anyone be- coming sick or dying from exposure to the components of the non-stick surfaces of pots and pans.  However, I have seen thousands, and heard of hundreds of millions, of people made sick by eating grease.  The purpose of non-stick pans is to cut out the vegetable oils and animal fats used in cooking and help prevent “lipotoxemia”—that is, poisoning from lipids (fats).  The most common diseases occurring from chronic fat poisoning are obesity, heart disease, cancer of the breast, colon, and prostate, and type-2 diabetes.  Use of non-stick pans also eliminates the risk of common stovetop grease fires.”

-Dr. John A. McDougall

Wearever ceramic cookware review

For everyday cooking a 10″ skillet is my “go to” pan. It’s small enough to handle easily, but large enough to cook a hardy meal for one or two with plenty of leftovers. I recently picked up the Wearever Ceramic Cookware Pure Living 10.5″ pan. It performs about as well as any nonstick pan I’ve owned. It has a couple of minor aesthetic issues (mentioned below), but it boasts a price tag that can’t be beat.

Wearever ceramic cookware 10.5 inch pan

On the surface

The Wearever pan is roughly comparable to the Bialetti Aeternum, both of which feature a bright white cooking surface. I do a lot of cooking by eye, so I’m partial to a white cooking surface. Cooking on white makes it really easy to see Continue reading