Bialetti Ceramic Cookware

In our quest to find the perfect nonstick pan, we decided to try out Bialetti ceramic cookware. Ceramic coating is a great alternative to PTFE. Bialetti ceramic cookware is also free of PFOA and cadmium.

Bialetti ceramic cookware package back

Bialetti has many options to choose from. We finally settled on the Aeternum sauté pan. We purchased the 10” size, but it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including a square griddle, a covered sauce pans, and a five quart Dutch oven.

The pan

It’s a very nice looking pan and seems quite solid. The outer surface of the pan, which in this is case red, continues to the smooth bottom surface of the pan. The handle is matching red silicone. The cooking surface is white “nano” ceramic. For some reason Continue reading