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Thanks for stopping by our page! Our names are Ayal and Maria, and we run LoveLowFat.com. Welcome!

We’ve both been food lovers our whole lives. A few years ago we discovered what an enormous impact a low fat, whole foods, plant based diet has on health. So we learned how to read food labels, which had a huge impact on how we shopped and which foods we keep in our kitchen.

Without naming names, some of us lost weight without even trying (or exercising!). And all along the way, we kept discovering new delicious foods. When you know that what you’re eating is healthy, you actually enjoy eating even more. You’re never bogged down with feeling guilty, or worrying about eating too much.

We also learned that an important component of following a low fat whole food plant based diet is reducing or even eliminating oil. Since we love fried and sauteed food, the only way to do that low fat is with nonstick cookware. We needed to find some new pans. So as an off-shoot of learning about healthy cooking, we learned a lot about nonstick cookware.

We work hard on being savvy shoppers, so we spent a huge amount of time researching nonstick cookware options. We asked friends and family, spent a lot of time searching online, and tried a number of different brands and styles. We ended up collecting so much information that we needed to put it in a spreadsheet just to keep things straight. The spreadsheet really helped our decision making process, and we ended up buying several pieces of cookware that we love.

During our search, we never came across a good comparison guide for nonstick cookware. Then we realized that we’d actually created one ourselves. We’d put many hours of research and analysis into creating our spreadsheet, and it was so helpful to us that we thought others might find it useful too. This insight inspired us to start this web site. We took the spreadsheet we’d made and converted it into our Nonstick Cookware Guide so people could access it online.

We love cooking, and will be adding some of our favorite recipes to the site. We also enjoy the researching and shopping process, and we love trying new cookware and kitchen accessories. Kitchen gadgets help make healthy eating fun! So as we continue our research, we’ll add in-depth reviews of various items, and more comparative analysis. If you have suggestions for cookware or kitchen accessories you’d like us to review we’d love to hear them.

You can find more about us on Google+. Thanks for stopping by!

Maria's Italian roots run deep, and she learned a love of cooking from her grandmother. She enjoys making low fat versions of her grandmother's classic recipes.
Best Nonstick Cookware Guide - AyalEver since he discovered that you are what you eat, Ayal has been cooking without added fat. Since scrambles and other fried dishes are his favorite, nonstick cookware is his new best friend. Ayal has a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University, as well as a Masters Degree in Science from M.I.T.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am looking for non-stick stock pots that are in the range of 60-90 quarts. Do you all know of any place where something like this can be purchased?

    Thanks, Neal

    • Hi Neal,

      The only one we’ve come across is this Browne Foodservice 5723960 60 Qt Stock Pot available from KaTom.com:
      We’ve never purchased this brand of pan nor have we ever purchased anything from KaTom, so we don’t know anything about the quality of the product or service. In the description it claims to have a non-stick finish, but since that is something not usually found in such large stock pots, I would call the company to double check the accuracy of that.

      We did come across some 30 and 35 qt non-stick pots, so you could use two of those (would be easier to move too!).
      35 qt: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/35-quart-Stainless-Steel-Stockpot/2999436/product.html
      30 gt: http://cookwarex.com/product_info.php?products_id=119
      Again, we don’t have any comments about the quality of the products or service from these vendors (although we have had good experiences buying other, non-cookware products from Overstock in the past).

      I hope this helps. Let us know if any of these work for you!

      All the best,

      Maria / LoveLowFat.com

  2. I want to thank you for your blog and for deconstructng the mystery of nonstick cookware. I am catching on but slowly.

    From your name, Ayal, I surmise that you may know something about the nonstick cookware available in Israel. Recently I bought an expensive frying pan here from Germany called The Best Pan. Know anything about it? It seems to work well.

    Thanks again.


    • Hi Carol- Thanks for the nice comment. Though you’ve correctly identified my name, I’ve lived in the U.S. my entire life, so I actually don’t know much/anything about what’s available in Israel. Having said that, we did some research on “The Best Pan” from Germany. As far as we can tell, it’s a high quality pan, but still uses a PTFE surface. In a way similar to Swiss Diamond, they go to great lengths on their website to NOT say that’s what it is, in this case they call their proprietary cooking surface “Lotan”. However if you go to the Lotan home page they say “Lotan® products are free of PFOAs”, which in our experience is just another way of admitting they’re made from PTFE without actually saying it. Furthermore, an Amazon customer in Germany who bought the pan specifically says it’s PTFE, although the person emailed the company which declined to reply to them (see that comment here). Hope that’s helpful!

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