Swiss Diamond frying pan review

I like cooking with nonstick cookware because I can cook without any added oil.  Not only does oil-free cooking have numerous health benefits, but there is the additional bonus of not having to clean splattered grease from stoves and countertops.

Swiss Diamond Frying Pan CU

When I used to cook with oil, in addition to the everyday cleaning, I remember having to occasionally scour the tops of our kitchen cabinets. I would find them covered in a layer of sticky residue which had built up from all the frying, sautéing and grilling. It had that slight rancid oil smell and was a dust magnet. The particles had floated up and collected into a sticky mess. It took a lot of elbow grease to remove a single layer of cooking grease (sort of like what it takes to remove it from our veins!). Have you looked on top of your kitchen cabinets?

I have been cooking oil-free with nonstick cookware for about two years and I have found that I don’t have to clean like that anymore, EVER! Not only that, my partner has lost a considerable about of weight from reducing his oil intake. We both feel generally much healthier.

Our Swiss Diamond Frying Pan

The skillet we have been using since we started cooking oil-free is the Swiss Diamond frying pan. It can be purchased with or without a lid. We didn’t see the lid option when we purchased ours, so we got the 10″ pan with no lid.

Swiss Diamond Frying Pan Bottom

The pan is heavy and solid, and looks good. It cooks evenly and is extremely easy to clean. It has a pressure-cast aluminum base and it is made in Switzerland.

No signs of slowing down

Swiss Diamond pans are more expensive than some other options, but the pan has held up very nicely. We’ve used it roughly three times a week for about two years. We take good care of it, which is a must with any nonstick cookware that you’d like to keep around for a while.

Swiss Diamond Frying Pan inside

We mostly use a bamboo cooking utensil and occasionally a plastic one.  We are careful not to cook at high temperatures. We let it cool before putting it in the sink, and we clean it with a soft sponge. Although it is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer recommends washing it by hand. Also, we store it separate from other pans to keep it from getting scratched by stacking.

Even though it does have some minor scratches from accidental metal use (never bring it to family functions!), it still remains 100% nonstick. I think the fact that we don’t use any added oil also helps it to keep its nonstick coating.

Weighing the options

The Swiss Diamond frying pan is a pretty solid, heavy pan. I have read that some people find the 12½ inch size pan a bit heavy when it is full. I haven’t yet tried that size. We have the 10 inch pan which is fine for me, someone of average strength, even when it is full. That is definitely something to consider.

Swiss Diamond Frying Pan long shot

Another factor to keep in mind is that the pan is not to be used over high heat. Overheating can cause damage to the surface. Also, the warranty for this pan is void if it is used at more than medium heat.

Even though it is named the “Swiss Diamond” because diamond particles are used in the nonstick surface, it is still made with PTFE, which is the same stuff as Teflon. If you’d like to avoid PTFE altogether, perhaps you want to explore ceramic nonstick coating such as the Ozeri Green Earth frying pan. We’re trying that one out now and will review it in a future post.

If you have had any of your own experiences with the Swiss Diamond frying pan, please share here!