Dr. McDougall on the safety of nonstick cookware

Came across an amazing article on the safety of nonstick cookware by Dr. McDougall, one of our heroes. Click here for the full article, and here’s a great excerpt:

“During my 35 years of medical practice I have never seen, or even heard of, anyone be- coming sick or dying from exposure to the components of the non-stick surfaces of pots and pans.  However, I have seen thousands, and heard of hundreds of millions, of people made sick by eating grease.  The purpose of non-stick pans is to cut out the vegetable oils and animal fats used in cooking and help prevent “lipotoxemia”—that is, poisoning from lipids (fats).  The most common diseases occurring from chronic fat poisoning are obesity, heart disease, cancer of the breast, colon, and prostate, and type-2 diabetes.  Use of non-stick pans also eliminates the risk of common stovetop grease fires.”

-Dr. John A. McDougall