Calorie counts will soon be on the menu

It seems hard to believe, but the FDA is expected to finally implement a requirement for big chains to post calorie counts. The FDA has released draft guidelines about how food service businesses will have to label their menus by May 2018!

chipotle-nutrition-1-20140404It’s not just restaurants that need to comply, the requirement also applies to any prepared food serving chain businesses with 20 or more locations. That includes movie theaters, grocery stores, amusement parks, and even vending machines. Americans eat out more and more frequently with each passing year, and starting in May 2018 they’ll know what they’re eating!

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Ever since he discovered that you are what you eat, Ayal has been cooking without added fat. Since scrambles and other fried dishes are his favorite, nonstick cookware is his new best friend. Ayal has a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University, as well as a Masters Degree in Science from M.I.T.

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