Best electric kettle comparison guide

Electric kettles are a convenient and safe alternative to traditional stove top kettles. They heat water faster than a traditional stovetop kettle or microwave. Perhaps more importantly, they’re also safer than stovetop kettles. Because of their popularity, there is a wide of options and prices to choose from. Our comparison guide can help you find the best electric kettle to suit your needs.

Below the guide, the column titles are explained. You’ll also find more in-depth information about the various features to consider. You can sort the table any way you like by clicking on the column headers. For example you can sort the table by price, watts, or rating:

ModelWattsPriceMaterial, CapacityTemp. settiingsCordRating
Ovente KG83B1100 watts$29.99Glass,
1.5 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.1
Adagio utiliTEA Variable Temperature1500 watts$51.24Stainless steel,
1 liter
Variable controlCordless4.6
Proctor Silex K2070YA1000 watts$14.79Plastic,
1 liter
Boil onlyDetachable cord4.2
Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp1500 watts$89.00Stainless steel,
1.7 liter
6 preset setingsCordless4.1
Hamilton Beach 408701500 watts$26.58Stainless steel,
2.4 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.2
Hamilton Beach K60801500 watts$21.45Plastic,
1.8 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.1
Ovente KP72G1100 watts$13.99Plastic,
1.7 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.2
Bonavita Variable Temperature1000 watts$82.90Stainless steel,
1 liter
Preset temperatures or user set, by 1 degree FCordless4.0
Epica Kettle1500 watts$33.95Stainless steel,
1.7 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.2
Hamilton Beach 408651500 watts$28.99Glass,
1.7 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.2
Chef's Choice 6811500 watts$42.869Stainless steel,
1.7 liters
Boil onlyCordless3.5
Sunbeam 6131 Hot Shot1450 watts$13.97Plastic,
0.5 liters
Boil onlyCorded4.1
T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living1750 watts$28.34Plastic,
1 liter
Variable temperature controlCordless4.6
Melitta 409941500 watts$38.91Stainless steel,
1.7 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.1
Bonavita BV3825B1000 watts$58.99Stainless steel,
1 liter
Boil onlyCordless4.1
Brentwood KT-17701000 watts$20.71Stainless steel,
1.2 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.2
Aroma X-Press1500 watts$34.97Stainless steel,
1.5 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.2
Hamilton Beach 408941500 watts$29.92Stainless steel,
1.7 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.3
Breville Ikon SK500XL 1500 watts$79.95Stainless steel,
1.7 liters
Boil onlyCordless4.0

The 7 columns in the guide are:

  • Model – Unit manufacturer and model name (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Watts – The power of the motor in watts. The higher the watts, the faster your water will heat.
  • Price – These are current prices on in U.S. dollars. Outside the U.S., click the price in dollars to see the price in your local currency. In some cases prices will be different depending on which vendors have the unit in stock.
  • Material, capacity – The material that the container is made of, and the maximum capacity the unit is capable of
  • Temp. settings – The number of different temperature settings the unit is capable of
  • Cord – Whether the unit is corded or cordless
  • Rating – This is the average user rating on It can be very helpful in deciding whether people were satisfied with their purchase.

Safety first!

One of the best features of electric kettles is that they shut themselves off when they have reached the temperature they’re set for. Traditional kettles can be a real safety hazard, since it’s so easy to leave the kitchen and forget about them on a hot stove. This feature alone is enough to make us choose an electric kettle over a traditional kettle.

best electric kettle utiliTEA lighted switch

Cut out the middle man

With a traditional stovetop kettle, the stove is not heating the water. It’s heating the pan, which in turn heats up the water. This intermediate step makes the process slower and less energy efficient.

Electric kettles have heating coils immersed in the water. This direct contact means no energy is lost. Also since you’re heating the inside not the outside, it’s easier to shield the handle and keep it cool.

Taste control

If you’re making coffee or tea, water temperature can have a huge impact on the taste of your beverage. Boiling water can burn both coffee and tea. For many kettles, “boil” is the only option.


The ideal temperature to brew coffee is around 205 degrees Fahrenheit (96 Celsius). The ideal temperature for tea depends on the type of tea. If taste is important to you, a kettle with an adjustable temperature setting will be the best electric kettle for you.

It’s all about the base

Most of the best electric kettles feature a cordless base. It serves as a stand as well as a power supply.


The base stays on your counter plugged in. Simply lift the kettle off the base to use it. You can’t beat 360 degree access, so convenient!

Keep it clean

As with any kitchen appliance, it’s important to keep it clean. Since it’s just water in your kettle, the hardest part of keeping it clean is the scale that builds up from minerals in the water. Here’s an awesome video on how to descale even the best electric kettle:

The best electric kettle to suit your needs

As you can see we’re big fans of electric kettles. Our electric kettle is one of our favorite and most frequently utilized items in our kitchen. We use it multiple times every day. Identify which features are important to you, and they will lead you to the best electric kettle to suit your lifestyle.

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